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How to Have a Productive Work Day

“I have so much to do and so less time”  How many of us have had this thought stuck in our heads at the end of the workday?

Yes, it is a very common phrase that we come across everyday in our life. This happens mostly due to our inability to be organized and productive. Many of us feel that we are not able to complete tasks on time, spend too much time on one particular activity while feeling guilty of not ticking all the boxes in our To-Do list. (Offshore company formation in Dubai)

How to have a productive work day

Here are a few tiny measures which will help you in a long way to lead a productive work day.

  1. Plan Your Day

 Set aside few minutes as soon as you reach the workplace to assess the day, accept the inevitable such as scheduled long phone calls and boring meetings and then set out a timetable for the day. Do not involve so much in planning such that you spend half of your workday in planning your tasks. Priorities your tasks, prepare a To-Do list and place it somewhere where you will be glancing at it regularly. Writing your tasks for the day will reduce the load on the brain and help you to focus and concentrate more. This will make you aware of a schedule that you have to follow when you get carried away.

  1. Don’t begin the Day with Emails

The early hours of the workday is the most productive time when you can get most of the work done. Never check your emails and messages as soon as you start work. Replying to emails, returning calls are not your tasks, they are completing the tasks of others. Begin the day by finishing off your tasks to have a more fruitful day. Check your messages at regular intervals. Keep a time aside to check you emails and respond dutifully. Reading and responding to emails as they arrive into your inbox will shift your focus from your tasks and lower your productivity.

  1. Take a Walk

 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This phrase is completely valid when it comes to work. Working long hours without any break will only reduce your efficiency and tire you. The mind always works better with oxygen, so take a walk during the middle of the day to re-energise yourself. Taking a walk has been proven to increase your creativity and also helps maintain your health conditions.

  1. Procrastination is the Thief of Time

 Your colleague is on leave and you have to make a business call on behalf him, but you are not very fond of calls, so you push it to the end of the day and finally, it goes on the next day’s To-Do list. Many of us would have faced such similar situations in our work life. The best way to handle such situations would be to finish off that phone call as early as possible. Don’t postpone the most daunting tasks, try to finish off the difficult ones in the beginning of the day.

  1. One at a Time

You might have a truck load of work but do not attempt to finish them simultaneously. The key here is to face them one at a time. Multi-tasking will not help you tick everything off your To-Do list, rather it will only increase the tick boxes. So, take one step at a time, finish one task at a time and you will be able to see that you’ve completed the day’s work.

  1. Read Everyday

Whether it is the current happenings or any topic that interests you, put time aside each day for reading. Let it be the newspaper or magazines or even the electronic news, reading will help a long way in self improvement. Spending time for a bit of reading in the middle of work hours might seem foolish but it is the perfect diversion for the worn out mind. Focusing your mind on things other than your work will refresh it and improve your concentration. But, know when to stop yourself. Do not get carried away with reading.

  1. Socialize Well

Spend some time each day to chat with your colleagues and have a friendly chat. A talk during a cup of coffee is a great way to get away from the monotony of the work and have the brain to focus on something else. These are also ways to improve your motivation and team work. So, make it a habit to spend time each day to talk to your colleagues for a more productive day. (Dubai Company Setup)

Making the most of each workday requires effort right from the time you wake up. Motivation and confidence play an important role here. But, more than that, it requires perseverance and determination to stick to the schedule, follow the plan and execute it properly. It takes practice and effort to make these steps a habit. Now is better never. So, start today and just see how productive your day becomes. Sticking to these tips you will find yourself satisfied at the end of each work day with no worries, guilt or regret about your work.

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