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Key Steps to Free Zone Business Setup

Free zone company formation is an alternative to setting up in mainland or onshore, it is also possible to establish an LLC or branch in one of the many free zones across Dubai and the UAE. Free zones are specific areas within the UAE and were introduced to attract foreign investment. Each free zone is administered and governed by their own regulatory authorities with their own rules and regulations.

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Dubai Is A Haven For Startups

The Emirates of Dubai is becoming more known as the ‘startup hub’ of the region. If you have that entrepreneurial flair and vision to launch a new business, Dubai wants to meet you. UAE’s leading business setup specialist The Synergy Group want to help turn your dreams into a successful business.

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Buying A Business Versus Starting A New Business

An established business means you can take over and hit the ground running from day one. Instantly you will have income. Typically, it takes some months for a new business to start producing profit. Purchasing an existing business will enable you to have a steady income. Hence you can re-invest in the business to improve it as much as possible. A new start-up will mean investing a good portion of money to acquiring new resources in order to get the business going.

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