Reasons to Set Up Your Business In UAE

A country dependent only on its oil reserves for revenue is now the first preference for setting up a new business in the minds of young entrepreneurs. UAE, a dynamic and developing country, is a federation of seven smaller emirates. Providing a favorable business environment and world class amenities and facilities to all the budding entrepreneurs, business setup in UAE is the best option for any young business person and eager investor. Being the growing ground for business, UAE fits the bill to start a new business. Synergy Gulf gives you 10 reasons to set up your new business in UAE.

business-UAE Reasons to Set Up Your Business In UAE

  1. UAE is a growing market with a high demand for world class products across all industries. Sellers can benefit enormously from the sales in UAE.
  2. The country is located strategically in a supply and resource rich region. It provides easy access and transportation facilities, acting as the gateway between the East and West.
  3. Unlike other nations, UAE does not impose currency restrictions on exchange of money making it all the more favorable to the business.
  4. Being the oil supplier to the world’s major clients, energy supply is available in abundance and at a subsidized cost.
  5. UAE has many free trade zones which means that more and more customers prefer businesses in these zones as they are much cheaper than elsewhere.
  6. One of the major reasons for UAE being a fertile ground is that taxation is applicable significantly for three major sectors – oil, banking and tobacco processing.
  7. UAE offers world class infrastructure with state of the art industrial equipments and communication systems.
  8. The population in UAE is well educated, both theoretically and practical. Freshers as well as experiences employees are available with hands on training, ready to complete tasks with perfection.
  9. The government in UAE is foreigner friendly and welcomes the fresh and young minds with open arms. The government has a set of policies and norms favouring the business person as well as themselves. Keeping in mind the future of the nation, UAE supports foreign investment and offers incentives for flourishing businesses.
  10. UAE has stepped into every business domain and has an expanding market. It has a rich diverse and cultural population demanding a variety of products and services, thus offering new businesses rocketing growth.
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