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Dubai Launches 'Unified Licence' Initiative to Revolutionize Business Operations and Propel Smart City Growth

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has unveiled the 'Dubai Unified Licence' (DUL), a distinctive commercial identification designed to enhance efficiency in various business operations across the city. The initiative, a collaborative effort with the Dubai Free Zones Council, issues a unified digital registry to both existing and newly established businesses, whether operating under a mainland or free zone license. This innovative platform consolidates all economic establishments in Dubai and its Free Zones, providing a centralized hub for comprehensive data management and sharing.

Establishments will undergo a process of validation, verification, and screening conducted by the relevant authorities to obtain their unique digital identity. As of now, the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has already granted over 50,000 licenses, and there are further plans to issue additional licenses in the upcoming period, encompassing all registered companies in both Dubai mainland and Free Zones.

The 'Dubai Unified Licence' introduces a host of essential features and advantages for users. It grants access to authenticated DUL data stored in a digital repository, simplifying business verification procedures in diverse interactions. The process of issuing No Objection Certificates (NOCs) and permits for economic activities is made more straightforward through a consolidated and efficient approach. Moreover, the DUL provides cohesive and verified information about current businesses, proving valuable for potential owners seeking insights into operating businesses in the emirate. Moving forward, the DUL aspires to streamline the process for banks in opening accounts for companies based in Dubai, enhancing both ease and efficiency.

Companies will have the option to display their unique DUL QR Code on their premises, websites, and social media platforms in lieu of presenting conventional trade license certificates. This QR Code facilitates government entities, service providers, suppliers, and customers to conveniently scan and access information about the company. In the ongoing phase, current businesses and commercial establishments in Dubai, encompassing those in free zones, will be provided with their distinct 'Dubai Unified Licence' Number and corresponding QR codes following the completion of the data update process.

The Dubai Business Licence Corporation under DET will be responsible for the operation, management, development, and supervision of the DUL system. Simultaneously, the Dubai Free Zones Council will collaborate with individual free zones to consistently communicate with their respective license holders, collecting updated license data and contact information.

The 'Dubai Unified Licence,' a pivotal element of the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33, underscores the commitment to enhancing the business environment by fostering simplicity, championing transparency, and embracing a digital-first approach. By seamlessly aligning with Dubai's sophisticated digital technology infrastructure, this initiative leverages smart city capabilities to catalyze business growth and fortify Dubai's standing among the world's foremost global cities.


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