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Dubai Real Estate Market Booms: Sales Surge 45% to $8.7 Billion in April 2024

Dubai's real estate sector surged in April, boasting a remarkable 45% increase in sales transactions, reaching a substantial $8.7 billion, as unveiled by a recent report from Property Finder. The study sheds light on key market dynamics, illustrating the sector's robust growth trajectory.

In April 2024, recorded sales transactions escalated by over 45.11% compared to the same period in the previous year, totaling 11,607 transactions compared to 7,999 in April 2023. Moreover, the value of transactions soared to nearly AED 32 billion ($8.7 billion), marking a notable 21.13% surge from the previous year's figures.

The report also highlights shifting preferences among property seekers, with a significant uptick in demand for apartments. Property Finder's data reveals that 58% of homebuyers were inclined towards apartments, while 42% favored villas or townhouses. Conversely, 79% of tenants sought apartments, indicating a notable shift from previous trends where villas held greater appeal.

There's a consistent momentum observed in the demand for larger villas, particularly three-bedroom units, alongside a growing interest in four-bedroom or larger options. Furnished properties are in high demand, especially among apartment tenants, with 64% preferring ready interiors.

Furthermore, the report identifies emerging areas of interest, including Dubai South (Dubai World Central), as Dubai prepares to relocate airport operations. Additionally, popular areas for apartment ownership encompass Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and Jumeirah Village Circle, while Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Village Circle rank among the top choices for apartment rentals.

Existing property transactions continue to witness steady growth, recording a year-on-year increase of approximately 6.45% in volume, with transactions valued at around AED 18.1 billion ($4.9 billion).

Off-plan transactions remain a lucrative avenue for investment, with a significant 86.51% year-on-year increase in volume and a remarkable 77.09% surge in value, indicating promising returns on investment opportunities in new developments.

Property Investment Boom in Dubai Opens Path to Long-Term Golden Visa with AED 2 Million Investment

Dubai's flourishing property investment sector has not only brought significant growth to the real estate market but also heralds new opportunities for investors seeking long-term residency in the UAE. With the current property investment boom in Dubai, investors can now leverage their investments to secure a coveted long-term Golden Visa, provided their investment value meets the AED 2 million threshold.

The Golden Visa program, introduced by the UAE government, offers long-term residency benefits to eligible investors, professionals, and their families, fostering economic growth and attracting talent to the region. The recent policy update extending this privilege to property investors underscores Dubai's commitment to enhancing its investment landscape and attracting global investors.

Investors keen on obtaining the long-term Golden Visa can explore a range of investment options in Dubai's vibrant real estate market, including residential properties, commercial spaces, and off-plan developments. The city's diverse property offerings, from luxury apartments in iconic districts like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai to upscale villas in sought-after communities such as Emirates Hills and Palm Jumeirah, provide investors with a wide array of investment opportunities to meet the visa criteria.

The AED 2 million investment threshold encompasses various property investment categories, allowing investors flexibility in choosing properties aligned with their investment goals and preferences. This threshold also reflects Dubai's recognition of the significant contributions property investors make to the emirate's economic growth and development.

Securing a long-term Golden Visa not only grants investors and their families the right to reside in the UAE but also unlocks access to numerous benefits, including ease of travel, streamlined residency procedures, and enhanced business opportunities. These advantages position Dubai as a highly attractive destination for global investors seeking stability, growth, and a strategic gateway to regional markets.

As Dubai's property investment landscape continues to thrive, investors can capitalize on this momentum to not only diversify their investment portfolios but also secure a pathway to long-term residency and unlock the myriad opportunities offered by one of the world's most dynamic business and lifestyle destinations.

The Bespoke Synergy Golden Visa Service

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