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Long Term UAE Visa Workshops

We now offer long term visa workshops for companies across the UAE.

Due to the recent reforms concerning long term visa options in the UAE such as the Golden and Property Investment visas, we have been providing insightful workshops for companies and their employees.

Our workshops offer impartial advice and information on the many different routes employees can take to obtain a long term visa in the UAE.

Long-term visas are beneficial for both employers and employees due to the stability they provide an overall lower costs long term. The sought-after Golden Visa is now more obtainable due to the recently added category of ‘Professional’ which allows highly skilled workers in all disciplines the opportunity to apply.

If you are a company that is looking to make sure your employees are provided with the correct advice and information to obtain long-term visas, we are here to help.

Simply contact us via email or call to arrange a workshop for your team.


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