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UAE residency visa holders can apply for re-entry permit even after 6 months absence...

As part of the recent reforms to the UAE visa and residency laws, resident visa holders can now reapply for an entry permit after 6 months of being outside the country.

The entry permit will be reissued if an acceptable reason is given and supporting documents to justify the prolonged absence.

Previously the residency visa would be automatically canceled if the visa holder was outside the country for more than 180 consecutive days. An exception to the rule was Golden Visa holders, who can remain abroad for as long as needed without it affecting their residency status.

Residents can apply for the service on the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) website. The service is called ‘Issue permit for staying outside UAE over 6 months’ and can be found under ‘smart services’.

The UAE’s largest entry and residency visa reforms went into effect in October last year. The reforms cover all aspects of residency, including an expanded Golden Visa scheme; a new five-year Green residency; a multiple-entry five-year tourist visa; and job hunting entry permits.

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