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Our Workshop with Maple Tree Real Estate

Engaging, interactive workshop covering company formation, property investment and long term visas in the UAE.

We had the pleasure of holding another workshop with Maple Tree Real Estate Company this week. Our COO Grant Kirk and Head of Corporate Services Ali Hashim, were delighted to hold an informative, interactive session with the Maple Tree team.

Our workshops offer impartial advice and information on:

  • Setting up a company to purchase property

  • Obtaining golden visas

  • Property investment and long-term visas

We have seen high demand from real estate brokerages inquiring about company formation and property investment. The two areas are closely linked particularly when it comes to visa options and relocation decisions for many expatriates considering the UAE. Many property investors already residing and those looking to relocate to the UAE, have businesses which they wish to setup alongside purchasing a property.

We are able to inform the team at Maple Tree on the best advice to give to their clients in the areas of company formation and visa options, hopefully leading to better-informed clientele.

If you would like to book our interactive workshop for your company or team, we will be happy to arrange this for you, please contact our team at:

Tel: +971 4 559 6253



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