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Final notice for private sector to meet 2023 Emiratisation targets before 31 December

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has called on private sector companies with 50 employees or more to meet Emiratisation targets of 2023 – a 2 percent growth in the Emiratisation of skilled jobs – before the end of December.

The Ministry issued a statement this week, declaring that “private sector companies that fail to comply with annual Emiratisation targets will be required to pay financial contributions starting from January 2024, in line with Emiratisation policies and decisions”.

“Companies that have yet to meet their commitments can benefit from the Nafis platform, which provides access to a considerable pool of qualified UAE citizens specialised in various sectors, to fill their vacant positions,” MoHRE noted.

Emiratisation, a strategic initiative launched by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), aims to promote the active participation of Emirati nationals in the workforce. This visionary program seeks to address the challenges of unemployment among locals, empower Emiratis to take on key roles in various sectors, and contribute to the sustainable development of the nation.

The UAE government has set ambitious Emiratisation targets to ensure the prosperity and long-term success of the country. So far 18,000 companies within the UAE have complied with Emiratisation policies and the total of UAE citizens hired in the private sector is now approximately 88,000.

Emiratisation is a vital component of the UAE's vision for sustainable development and a diversified economy. By setting and pursuing ambitious targets, the government is not only addressing current employment challenges but also laying the groundwork for a future where Emirati nationals play a leading role in shaping the nation's destiny. As the initiative continues to evolve, Emiratisation will undoubtedly contribute to the UAE's global standing and ensure a prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens.


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