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Does Your Salary Entitle You To A Golden Visa?

Obtaining a Golden Visa, is both a privilege and useful status to have for many UAE residents, since its introduction in 2019, the UAE government has rolled out many new categories to enable individuals and families to apply.

Whereas before the Golden Visa was based on academic qualifications, investment assets, and special achievements, now people can apply based on their salary brackets.

What are the salary requirements?

Any individual whose employment is classified as professional by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) and who has a bachelor’s degree with a minimum monthly salary of Dh30,000 may obtain the UAE Golden residency visa. This is in accordance with Article 17 of the Annexure to Cabinet Resolution No. 65 of 2022.

In addition to this, the individual must possess the following:

  • Obtain a work permit according to a valid work contract in the country.

  • Are a skilled worker of the first or second professional level classified by the MoHRE.

  • Have a license to practice as a doctor, pharmacist, teacher, or any other profession that is approved for the Golden Visa.

  • Have comprehensive health insurance for self as well as for the family members.

  • Salary certificate

The Bespoke Synergy Golden Visa Service

Since launching our Golden Visa Service in 2019 we have seen a big demand from individuals and families seeking help with obtaining the prestigious visa. We have successfully applied, processed and delivered many Golden Visa's with our service, the feedback from this service has been excellent. Why? Because our Golden Visa Service is tailored to your needs and we offer a door-to-door experience, our team collects your documents, applies and then delivers your new Golden Visa directly to your home or office.

If you would like assistance with applying or assessing your eligibility to obtain a Golden Visa, our bespoke Golden Visa Service will guide you through the application and issuance of the Golden Visa. Simply contact us for a free consultation.

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