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3 Simple Steps to Setup your UAE Company

This year, new business licenses have surged by double-digit growth across the UAE, indicating strong economic resilience and trust from investors. Bolstered by stimulus packages announced by the government to facilitate businesses and reductions in setup fees, there is no better time to open a business in the UAE.

Due to the increasing number of ways to start a business in the UAE and the many different license types on offer, entrepreneurs and investors now have many different options to choose from. Establishing what the correct legal structure should be and going through the incorporation process can be a time-consuming and confusing for many people, Synergy can help with clear and simple business setup advice.

For over a decade, Synergy has incorporated hundreds of companies across the UAE, our experienced team and strong connections make opening a business simple in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Consultation

Offering impartial advice, we advise which is the best jurisdiction and legal structure for your business requirements.

Step 2: Application

Sit back and let us do the hard work, we set up your company including all government approvals, paperwork and application procedures.

Step 3: Approval

Receive your Trade License, and if you require and post-incorporation services such as Visa’s or license amendments we are on hand to help.

We offer 100% customer satisfaction, our services involve no hidden fees and clauses - giving you peace of mind that you can trust your business setup with us.

If you want to start your company the right way, talk to one of our consultants today.


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