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Record Numbers Of Women Are Founding Their Own Businesses

The Pandemic created widespread disruption globally, however, there have been some positive developments since the virus shook the world in 2020.

According to new data, the pandemic has triggered a surge of women in the UAE founding their own businesses.

The Global Gender Gap Report by WEF discovered that female business founders in the UAE grew by 68 percent in 2020 when compared to the previous year.

Sue Duke, head of Global Public Policy at LinkedIn, said: “Given the economic and workplace turmoil of the past few years, women have sought to take control of their careers and set up their own businesses.

“While some women were pursuing their passions or seeking out greater flexibility, many women became ‘necessity entrepreneurs’, due to a need for income or because of a lack of opportunities at work.”

Although the job market was generally negatively affected by the pandemic, it also created new business opportunities, according to a statement from LinkedIn, pointing to how “industries were upended and adjusted to operating digitally, which helped to reduce some startup costs.”

The sectors that had the largest share of women founders in the UAE were Education (54%), Wellness & Fitness (50%) and Healthcare (44%).

You can read the full WEF Global Gender Gap Report here.

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