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World Cup Football Fever Set To Boost Dubai Economy

One of, if not the biggest sporting event in the world is set to take place next month, the Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup. The mega event is set to kick off on Sunday, November 20 and it is the first time in history that a middle eastern country has hosted the tournament.

Football fans from across the world will be arriving in the region, and it is estimated that around one million visitors are expected to stop on the way through, or use UAE as a base for the tournament. Dubai in particular will offer special direct flights to the matches in Qatar and also a wider range of accommodation options for visitors to choose from. Additionally the more relaxed nightlife, world-class attractions, shopping centers and cultural diversity will make Dubai the preferred choice as a base to visit the event.

In parallel, to Expo 2020, the World Cup will provide another major boost to the UAE’s economy not only in the tourism sector but it will also benefit the hospitality and retail segments. Many visitors will be arriving to the region for the first time and it is a huge opportunity to showcase what the UAE has to offer in terms of lifestyle, security and business.

The recent reforms to visa policies allowing multiple entry to UAE over a 90-day period will also help deliver a seamless experience for football fans, allowing them to hop over to Qatar multiple times and return to their Dubai base.

At a macro level, the world cup will be an exceptional opportunity to showcase UAE as a country to visit, live and set up a business in. This means the economy is once again set for another boost and the already busy season of November to March is set to get even busier and that is exactly what businesses in the country will be excited about (aside from the football).

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