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10 Advantages to Setup a Free Zone Company in the UAE

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Those who are interested in setting up business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE stand to benefit in many other ways by being based at a Free Zone – anywhere in the country.

Free Zones are created to allow foreign investment with easier start-up processes, labour and immigration procedures, 100 per cent ownership for all nationalities and other legal services. Each free zone has its own authority and regulations, which are applicable to investors looking to set a company in those zones.

10 Reasons to setup a Free Zone Company:

1. Allows 100 per cent foreign national ownership of firm with no requirement of local sponsor or local service agent.

2. Waiver of corporate taxes (time-bound and renewable for further periods).

3. Exemption from personal taxes as well as import and export taxes.

4. 100 per cent repatriation of revenue and profits.

5. Documentation is less and more suited to foreign investors.

6. Long-term leasing options (up to 25 years) are available at great terms to investors.

7. Recruitment and workforce processes are simplified, faster and cheaper.

8. Easy availability of legal, housing, immigration, labour and other facilities.

9. Incorporation is faster than when done outside free zones

10. 100 per cent free transfer of funds

Synergy has experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge to guide investors on all factors of starting a Free Zone Company including:

  • Finding the right location to set up your business

  • Registering your Free Zone Company

  • Setting the correct legal structure

  • Obtaining the trade license

  • Registration with the Chamber of Commerce

  • Banking assistance

  • Obtaining a new director visa

  • Employment visas and family visas.

There are a lot of different free zones in the UAE. Making a choice can be overwhelming. But with a few questions, it is easy to identify which free zone is the best option for you, our specialist Free Zone consultants will be delighted to assist you. Contact us for a complimentary Free Zone consultation today:


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